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Legal corner: June 2021

The rights, development, wellbeing, care and safety of South African children and youth is governed by the Constitution and various laws – and quite a few […]

Child Protection Week 2021

National Child Protection Week is commemorated in the country annually to raise awareness on the need to protect children against abuse, exploitation, neglect and all forms […]

Foreword: From the CEO of GBTSA

Dear colleagues and partners in youth care, In the midst of the third wave of COVID 19, particularly in Gauteng, our focus is on protecting everyone, […]

Matladi Twala: sharing inspiration wherever she goes

  In recent years, there has been increasing acknowledgement of the important role mental health awareness plays in reducing stigma and creating more opportunities for support […]

GBTSA Newsletter March 2021: Lee’s Foreword

  Dear Girls & Boys Town Insiders, I hope that our latest newsletter finds you well and strong. The youth who are in our care are […]

Legal corner: Understanding the Children’s Courts

The rights, development, well-being, care and safety of South African children and youth is governed by the Constitution and various laws – and quite a few […]

It may seem like the dreams are shattered but that’s not quite right

  There is no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year. Collectively, as citizens on this planet, we were just getting blow after blow since COVID-19 […]

Fighting COVID-19 – like a soccer game plan and our youth know the rules of that game

In soccer, the most important position is arguably that of the goalkeeper. This is due to the goalkeeper’s ability to see the entire pitch and to […]

Story of a hustler

In June 2020, news starting spreading about menhirs – large stone monoliths – sprouting up around St James Beach in Cape Town. You can only imagine […]

GBTSA integrated biennial report 2018-2020 is here!

Our integrated biennial reports capture and help us share our work with donors, volunteers and partners, and once again, it is our pleasure to present you […]

  • Mark Chaskelson
    "I think what GBT does for the South African youth is incredible and selfless."
    Mark Chaskelson
    Creative Monarchy
  • Peter Schmitt
    "GBT’s profound conviction drives them to deliver the sensational results they have: where vulnerable youth become active and inspirational participants in South African society. They’re able to teach us a thing or two about getting over ourselves."
  • Alan
    "The support, which we have afforded to GBT is sincerely aimed at helping to close the gap between our family and GBT’s, even if it is to the tiniest extent. With it, goes a kind of remote love, which is difficult to understand. Please keep up the excellent work that you do – it is so pleasing to read how much it is appreciated, not only as recorded by your 2015 Mayor, but also by many of us on the 'outside'."
  • Michelle
    "We ourselves have teenage children, so we know first-hand how difficult this stage of their lives is. They are fortunate to have family support and encouragement, so we understand the importance of organizations such as yourselves to fill the gap that their family members are not able to provide."
  • Rochelle
    "Thank you for everything you do in the community for the children"
  • Marilyn
    "We have been supporting this charity since my children were small and the youngest is now 34.  It gives me much pleasure to support from another of our companies."
  • Carolyn
    "We have got to know a young man in Knysna who passed through your ‘town’ and he is today a wonderfully successful man thanks to your guidance."
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