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Engaging with communities to protect and heal our youth

We recently had the opportunity to reach out to the public in the Western Cape and profile how Girls & Boys Town SA runs therapeutic programmes […]

Youth Remaining creative and engaged

Restrictions that impacted them visiting family, attending school and socialising with friends have not been easy nor without challenges.  Our staff have remained attuned to the […]

Message from the CEO

This Women’s Month of August has brought the South African public’s attention to what President Cyril Ramaphosa called “the second pandemic” – the unacceptable and inexcusable […]

The pandemic and GBTSA: Staying safe as a family AND a workplace

Even families require rules and regulations The closure of schools and banning of cross-border travel due to coronavirus had different consequences for our Girls and Boys […]

Women’s Month focus: Protect girls and women

Since 9 August 1956, the day when some 20 000 women petitioned at Union Buildings against the introduction of passes to black women has been devoted […]

Tongaat capital campaign update: Rebuilding historic youth centre in Tongaat

The Girls and Boys Town Tongaat campus, which is planned to provide residential care, safety, therapy and educational support to 70 children aged 10-18 each year […]

Vincent Bone’s journey to success

He is an inspiration to many South Africans proving that no matter the odds; you can reach for the stars. Known by his fans as Vincent […]

A focus on mental health and our youth

Mental health issues are, reportedly, on the rise amongst youth in society generally today – and the challenges faced by youth entering our care at GBTSA […]

Chores can teach children important life skills

Teaching children life skills is not only important for self-care and sufficiency, it also allows them to feel empowered and helps develop healthy self-esteem. Although children […]

  • Mark Chaskelson
    "I think what GBT does for the South African youth is incredible and selfless."
    Mark Chaskelson
    Creative Monarchy
  • Peter Schmitt
    "GBT’s profound conviction drives them to deliver the sensational results they have: where vulnerable youth become active and inspirational participants in South African society. They’re able to teach us a thing or two about getting over ourselves."
  • Alan
    "The support, which we have afforded to GBT is sincerely aimed at helping to close the gap between our family and GBT’s, even if it is to the tiniest extent. With it, goes a kind of remote love, which is difficult to understand. Please keep up the excellent work that you do – it is so pleasing to read how much it is appreciated, not only as recorded by your 2015 Mayor, but also by many of us on the 'outside'."
  • Michelle
    "We ourselves have teenage children, so we know first-hand how difficult this stage of their lives is. They are fortunate to have family support and encouragement, so we understand the importance of organizations such as yourselves to fill the gap that their family members are not able to provide."
  • Rochelle
    "Thank you for everything you do in the community for the children"
  • Marilyn
    "We have been supporting this charity since my children were small and the youngest is now 34.  It gives me much pleasure to support from another of our companies."
  • Carolyn
    "We have got to know a young man in Knysna who passed through your ‘town’ and he is today a wonderfully successful man thanks to your guidance."
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