15th March 2021

GBTSA Newsletter March 2021: Lee’s Foreword

  Dear Girls & Boys Town Insiders, I hope that our latest newsletter finds you well and strong. The youth who are in our care are […]
12th March 2021

Legal corner: Understanding the Children’s Courts

The rights, development, well-being, care and safety of South African children and youth is governed by the Constitution and various laws – and quite a few […]
12th March 2021

It may seem like the dreams are shattered but that’s not quite right

  There is no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year. Collectively, as citizens on this planet, we were just getting blow after blow since COVID-19 […]
12th March 2021

Fighting COVID-19 – like a soccer game plan and our youth know the rules of that game

In soccer, the most important position is arguably that of the goalkeeper. This is due to the goalkeeper’s ability to see the entire pitch and to […]
12th March 2021

Story of a hustler

In June 2020, news starting spreading about menhirs – large stone monoliths – sprouting up around St James Beach in Cape Town. You can only imagine […]
26th November 2020

Youth Today Newsletter- November 2020

25th November 2020

GBTSA integrated biennial report 2018-2020 is here!

Our integrated biennial reports capture and help us share our work with donors, volunteers and partners, and once again, it is our pleasure to present you […]
25th November 2020

Be intentional about rest this year end

The experience has affected us in all spheres at once – mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, sensory and creatively (we’re looking at the banana bread and pineapple […]
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