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Lenny (YDCT)

Anton (YDCM)

Mike and Syd (YDCT)

Melanie (FHA)

Nkosi (YDCM)

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Nov 2006

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Nov 2004


Making better choices

When Jenade first arrived at our Verulam Family Home, he was a teenager with a challenging attitude. ‘My way was being a rebel and going against everything, but I was wrong,’ he explains.

‘Girls & Boys Town taught me that not everything is about being top dog and that if you strive to succeed, you can change your life.’

Jenade has also realised that friends – and people in general – can be a positive or negative influence.

However, your own behaviour is a choice. ‘I appreciate that people have helped me become a better person. I’m leaving at the end of the year and I won’t forget what I’ve learned,’ adds Jenade.

‘I am truly grateful to the team at Girls & Boys Town. Thanks a million!’ Jenade has learned valuable lessons at Girls & Boys Town – and skills that will serve him well for the rest of his life.

We wish him every success in the future.

Lenny (YDCT)
First report

It was hard to believe that quiet, reserved Lenny had stolen, run
away and disrespected his teachers and relatives prior to joining us.

Initially he did well at Girls & Boys Town and soon earned
leadership status. However, behaviour problems led to him being demoted.

Lenny is learning from his mistakes and his grandmother
reports that he is respectful during his home visits. We’re sure that

Lenny will succeed if he allows himself to benefit from the facilities and programmes at Girls & Boys Town.

You can do it, Len!

Anton (YDCM)
First report

Anton came to Girls & Boys Town with his older brothers in 2004, after their mother received a prison sentence for fraud.

Their father needed help after the boys’ relationship with their
stepmother deteriorated badly.

He has strong leadership qualities and has risen in the Peer Group
System – and been demoted – four times.

His willingness to keep trying and work hard has paid off. He has
now reached – and maintained – the highest level within the system.

He wants to be the best he can be. His mother was recently released from prison. The challenge now is to rebuild Anton’s family
relationships and sustain them.

With continued support, Anton is sure to shine!

Mike and Syd (YDCT)
First report

These brothers have had more than their fair share of emotional
challenges lately.

After a holiday with their foster parents, they felt anxious about the
future of this relationship.

Then their biological father made contact after years of absence. The
boys were thrilled – and confused.

They visited dad (who was staying with their sister) and were happy
that the family agreed to have them for a holiday.

Sadly, the boys were not treated well and dad left after an argument with their sister. The emotional upheaval has been difficult for the boys.

Despite this, Mike’s a Councillor and continues to do his best. He’s received awards for his schoolwork and was recognised for his excellent efforts at a Toast Masters’ leadership course.

Syd has also done well and has earned awards. Although he had
difficulty with the developments in his life and went through a phase
of inappropriate behaviour, he’s back on track..

Melanie (FHA)
First report

Relationship problems with her mother, bunking school, drinking
and staying away from home without permission: these were
some of Melanie’s problems when she came to us in 2006.

Changing her school and having regular contact with her teachers has proved to be beneficial.

The tragic death of her young nephew in a car accident earlier this
year was devastating, and Melanie continues to attend counselling
sessions with a social worker.

Time and support has seen Melanie progress well – and her relationship with her mother has also improved.

Earlier this year, Melanie was part of a youth tour and travelled to
Namibia over the holidays.

She’s developing into a responsible and mature young lady. It’s likely that she will be reunited with her mother in the near future..

Nkosi (YDCM)
First report

Nkosi came to us in 2006 as a result of uncontrollable behaviour,
problems at school and a poor relationship with his mother and

Excessive childhood trauma had led to a ‘don’t care’ attitude and he
had also been expelled.

Girls & Boys Town involved Nkosi’s family in their efforts and planning, which has lead to an improvement in his behaviour.

When he was transferred to a technical high school this year, he
started taking pride in his work. His teachers are impressed with his
behaviour at school.

Nkosi’s attitude has taken a huge turn for the good. He is now doing
very well academically and is happy at his school.

His circumstances at home have also improved tremendously. His
family visits every chance they can and keep regular telephone contact.

Nkosi has become a caring youngster and he now helps new
youths settle in when they arrive at Girls & Boys Town.