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Girls and Boys Town
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A National organisation that provides residential services to youth who face insurmountable challenges; community outreach and strength-based services and training to families, educators and professionals; and evaluative and research programmes that ensure the best practice models of service and intervention for youth and all those who impact on their lives.  

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18th January 2017 marked our 59th year of giving children a better, more promising future.  

Together with the help of our supporters we have turned the light back on for every vulnerable child we have reached over these 59 years. Each child has the right to a happy, healthy and positive childhood and it is the responsibility of ALL to make this happen.

THANK YOU to Girls and Boys Town friends and staff who are
helping change the world through young people

… and THANK YOU for keeping our doors open for 59 years of excellent service in creating a consistently caring, guiding and trustworthy experience for every child to restore the beliefs needed to make each one whole. You have shared in our growth, our achievements and the many milestones we have attained.

With your continued help we will keep our candle alight for many years to come, and we will uphold our promise to ensure our youth SHINE into the future…


Johannesburg, 27 July 2015 – Youth leaving care, such as those leaving from Girls and Boys Town, are in a uniquely difficult situation.

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Journey towards Independent Living: A GroundedTheory

(A study conducted in partnership between the University of Johannesburg’s Department of Social Work and Girls & Boys Town South Africa)

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Girls and Boys Town reports back on our SHINE™
Goals and the Legacy Projects.

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 GBT’s partnership with NMCF/Deloitte:  State of the South African Child [Click here for the report and here to read the newspaper article.]

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